Cranial Sacral Therapy Services

Cranial-sacral therapy is a gentle, yet powerful hands-on approach for restoring connectivity in the body. It is a holistic, soothing way to target pain, eliminate stress, and release “blockages” within cranial-sacral-based systems.

Using soft touch, no heavier than the weight of nickel (>5 grams), your Cranial-sacral therapist will note the state of the tissues in your central nervous system and release any detected blockages or restrictions. This will break up tension, enable connectivity between key systems, and inspire optimum health and performance. By normalizing the environment around your brain and your spinal cord in this way, Cranial-sacral therapy improves the body’s ability to self-correct, restore critical balance, fight pain, prevent and/or minimize disease, and address other types of discord that may exist.

What are its origins? Cranial-sacral therapy has its roots in osteopathy and was discovered by osteopathic physician Dr. William Sutherland (1873-1954). In his research, Sutherland uncovered the existence of movements or “rhythms” that initiated within the brain, travelled through the cranial sacral system to the sacrum, and throughout the tissues around the central nervous system. He concluded that these movements are the body’s innate life force, which he called the “Breath of Life.”