Craniosacral Therapy Hood River Reviews


Michael Sexton

I want to keep this simple. Quite frankly, Soma's therapy was wonderful. It helped me like nothing else I have tried ever has. Soma has a gift. I am so grateful that she shared it with me.

Melanie McCloskey

Soma has a fantastic presence for her work as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, her gentle touch, attentive nature and professionalism make it a great experience overall. I've been lucky to have series of treatments with her that supported my numerous chronic painful neck and back issues and were overall very relaxing. Do yourself a favor and book a session, or 6, with her to experience this gentle yet powerful modality for yourself!

Debra Ihrke

I had no idea what cranial sacral therapy was all about until I was referred to Soma for treatment. From my first contact with her, I knew that I was meeting a kindred spirit who truly cared about my well-being. She is extremely kind and makes you feel very welcome. I feel very comfortable talking with her about everything that has been happening to me. Her treatment is very effective and zero's in to where it is needed the most. I usually go in having experienced a round of headaches and pain. When she is done, my headache is usually gone and I am extremely relaxed, and yet feel like I have just finished a marathon. I highly recommend Soma and her Therapy and love telling everyone about her that I can. Thank you Soma!!

Mary lively

I have several issues with my spine, and the muscles are always tense and in spasm. During Soma's cranial sacral treatment, my muscles finally relaxed and I noticed an immediate improvement . I can't wait to go back!

Shannon Northroup

Soma is a gifted healer and facilitator. The combination of craniosacral and Aromatouch treatments were powerful and transformative. Soma provided a safe container and guidance for me to delve deep and unwind a lifetime of patterns. If you're ready to take your healing journey to the next level, I highly recommend Soma!


Soma provides a calm, soothing and safe environment. The conversation before cranial sacral therapy asking current state of being is a personal and professional approach. Her gentle, friendly demeanor and methodical work was welcoming after a long work week, in addition to assisting with healing of a past spinal injury. At a separate visit, the AromaTouch was perfect for complete relaxation. I highly recommend Soma's healing work!


Cranial Sacral with the lovely Soma has made an enormously positive impact on bringing clarity and peace into my life. I have been so grateful to have a handful of sessions with Soma, each building upon the last. She has a tender understanding and a graceful insight, that have allowed me to open up and bring in creative methods to enhance self love and mental space within. My last session with Soma went the deepest and most profound with the techniques of the practice thus far. I felt a sincere heart opening and lifting of my physical body to a space of calm knowing and trust. She is an intent listener and has a genuine spirit for my well being. Her touch is truly powerful and I hope all shall have the good fortune to experience a few sessions with Soma. The effects are far lasting the treatment. Thank you Soma!


I was intuitively drawn to working with Soma. At the time that I contacted her I was experiencing a flare up of sciatica as well as chronic neck pain. Almost all of this was alleviated after one treatment. I have a significant past with working with healers and Soma's work distinguishes itself in it's sheer power... she is a clear and humble channel. If you have the opportunity to work with her and are experiencing any doubts whatsoever let this testimony inform you- unless of course you don't really want to feel better :)


I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with Soma over the last few months and cannot say enough about the cranial sacral therapy she's provided to me. Her gentle healing touch and warm energy have benefited both my body and mind and I love watching her business blossom as she helps more and more people on their paths to health and well being. I highly recommend Soma as a caring and qualified clinician.


After suffering from a concussion, my naturopath prescribed Cranial-sacral therapy. I am grateful to find Soma who has been healing my concussion along with aliments I have had for 35 years. In my first session with Soma, the large mass which resulted from my concussion was almost gone. In addition, the constant headache and pressure was gone after the first session. During Cranial-sacral therapy, I have experienced moments of being pain free which is amazing for me since I have been in pain every day, all day, for 35 years. I had given up hope that I would ever experience my body without pain. Now, I have experienced the wonderful sensation of being pain free. I have hope now that being pain free will be my new normal. Not only that, I am feeling better overall and I am able to be more active with my family. Soma is a highly skilled, intelligent and knowledgeable therapist; above all, she heals. I am grateful for her work.


I am very grateful for Soma, and was excited that I found her practicing here in our community! The level of healing I experienced with her far exceeded my target from the original reason I scheduled the appointment to begin with. The benefits of her work are on-going and I am excited to continue this healing journey with her. Thank you Soma!


I'm a repeat cranial sacral therapy client of Soma's. Her sessions have been relaxing, therefore rejuvenating and also quite educational as she translates what she discovers about my body to be after our sessions. I like that she's now rolled essential oils into her practice. The AromaTouch technique is quite delightful and that in itself is worth enjoying and benefiting from. Learning which oils will aid me in what areas empowers me to better take care of me as a whole. I recommend this combination as a gift to give someone to experience for the first time.


As a nurse, I am particular about my health care. After multiple treatments, I found Soma is sensitive to her client's needs and able to customize their care plans through her varied knowledge of the cranial-sacral process. Her touch is directed, focused and gentle. I strongly recommend her as a cranial-sacral provider.


Soma's manner is so gentle I relax just being in her presence. I feel blessed to have received healing from such a warm, caring person. Her touch is magic !


To date I have had the pleasure of receiving the healing hands of Soma Peterson on three occasions for Cranial-Sacral therapy. Unfortunately, I can not say that I received these treatments for any specific reason or ailment. What I can say is this therapy is like nothing I have ever experienced. I know of nothing else that can bring about such relaxation, clarity of the mind and sense of well being. It seemed as though every nerve in my body and thought in my mind had been reset to a perfect state of calm. Soma has an energy, presence and touch that is nothing short of magical.


I have had several Cranial Sacral Treatments with Soma in the past year. She has a very quiet, gentle touch which was especially calming. One of my sessions I was experiencing a lot of tension in my jaw from a previous Chiropractic adjustment. Soma was still in school and just so happened to be studying the jaw. About 24 hours after my session with her the tension subsided. She is very passionate about her newly discovered calling and is excited to create a business for herself that encourages peace, gratitude and balance in her the world...and in the body. Why not start with ``the head first``.


Soma's Cranial Sacral Therapy seems almost magical. Not only is she able to set me in a state of uttermost relaxation during her sessions, her methods are extremely effective. How can a subtle touch heal anything? In my case, she was able to ``cure`` my reoccurring headache. I suffered years of feeling a constant pressure on the outside of my head, where conventional doctors tried recommending everything including MRI and serious painkillers. She is knowledgeable, very professional and extremely attentive. She truly listens. I would highly recommend Soma to anybody searching for an unconventional therapist, deep long relaxing massage or an alternative to a handful of Ibuprofen.... Soma, I Love what you do!!!


After just several sessions, I noticed relief from my TMJ. I also experienced a new level of relaxation from the treatments and the refreshingly free, yet rare feeling that comes with letting go of anxiety and stress. Even if I had tried to hold on to stress and anxiety during a session, Soma's healing hands and intuitive healing have now led my body to do what it's really needed. The result? Greater peace and greater balance. She's amazing!